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Our Mission Statement:

To serve as a vital industry guide for businesses offering IV hydration therapy services, aiming to offer an extensive array of business resources. Our goal is to support them in attaining both success and long-term sustainability.

CIVA membership can enhance your competitive advantage by:

  • Accessing state-specific legal guidance through comprehensive libraries

  • Gaining education and insights into upcoming trends and business developments

  • Receiving support with licensing and additional credentialing opportunities

  • Navigating through increasing regulatory scrutiny effectively

  • Establishing industry success and ensuring long-term sustainability

What We Do:

Utilizing our extensive network of legal assets and top-tier professional knowledge, we offer unmatched business resources to proprietors and operators offering IV therapy services.

CIVA stands at the forefront of the industry, furnishing assistance through a broad network of seasoned business specialists. Our dedication to excellence, proficiency in overcoming obstacles, and profound understanding of member-centric cultures underscore our unequivocal objective – to instill quality, success, and sustainability in the industry both presently and for the future. CIVA was started by Brisk Health, a Colorado healthcare technology company responding to the surging demand for IV hydration and compliance within the healthcare landscape. Born from CIVA's commitment to excellence, Brisk Health combines innovation and expertise to meet the growing needs of the industry, ensuring a seamless integration of IV hydration services while upholding the highest standards of compliance and quality care.

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